As a specialised language, financial terminology is characterised by some special peculiarities. It consists of a language that frequently uses neologisms, plays on words, metaphors, etc, while also being a technical language. These characteristics pose problems for the translator in rewording the text so that it meets acceptable criteria in the Target Language.

Dirdam Language Solutions is a Translation Agency that specialises in the translation of all types of Financial Sector documents. We work with the utmost professionalism and precision when translating and proof reading all types of financial documents so as to guarantee that all projects meet the strict requirements of the sector.

Our Specialised Translators in the Financial sector are always native in the target language and are qualified and accredited to carry out that work. Translation of Financial Documents should be exclusively entrusted to translators and proof readers who have linguistic as well as financial training. Our aim is to provide our clients with Financial Translations of the highest quality.

Our main areas of speciality within the Financial Translation field are:

  • Reports on financial results
  • Public and private tenders
  • Articles from the financial press
  • Auditor's reports
  • Balance sheets
  • Annual memoranda
  • Financial statements
  • Annual accounts
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