Journalism translation is a field of expertise that presents unique features, tempered by the way in which journalism works and by the channels that circulate its texts, as the field of expertise imposes certain ways of translating. To approach it, it is necessary to be aware of and analyse the specific techniques of the text in hand.

At the same time journalism texts have their own textual conventions. The journalism translator, as a user of this type of text, should be aware of these conventions and possess the necessary textual competence so that these texts work in a new linguistic and cultural context. On occasions the translator needs to work like a journalist. And in some cases journalism translators are journalists themselves.

Journalism translations are only carried out by professionals with expert knowledge in the field of journalism as well as in translations. At Dirdam Language Solutions we specialise in translating journalism documents. Our translators have the qualifications, certifications and accreditations needed for this type of translation, which guarantees that translation of your journalism documents is carried out by the best resources on the market.

Our rigorous selection process, together with exhaustive monitoring of the translation project by our project managers, enables us to offer you clear and effective documents. Our main aim is to offer translations of the very highest quality to the client.

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