Marketing Translation consists of adapting a general marketing plan to a multinational environment. This translation not only involves language and its many nuances of meaning but also responsibility for differences of use and availability of resources, legal restrictions on various types of promotion and basic advertising practice. Due to all of this an unusual publicity plan is one that can be introduced worldwide without many adaptations.

 At Dirdam Language Solutions we specialise in marketing translations, adapting your products to the requirements of the market concerned. Our translators have the qualifications, certifications and accreditations needed for this type of translation, which guarantees that translation of your documents is carried out by the best resources on the market.

As a supplement to language services, we offer monolingual/multilingual editing and desktop publishing services in various formats (QuarkXpress, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, etc.) and on different platforms - PC or Mac. We can layout in the majority of possible combinations, including languages with unique fonts such as Arabic or Chinese.

Send us your files in their original format and we will undertake to return the final product to you, translated and formatted and endorsed by our rigorous quality control system.

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