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Native translators specialising in all types of translation. Dirdam Language Solutions offers translations in the majority of existing formats and language combinations (oriental languages, Arabic and its variants, Eastern European languages, etc.) to service the ever growing demand for globalisation.

All translations go through Quality Control to guarantee consistency and integrity of the translated text prior to delivery.

We also offer Editing services by professionals who are native in the target language and responsible for approving translations for the client when so required.

All this comes with the most advanced translation and management software tools and technology to guarantee maximum accuracy, speed and security in our work.


Sworn translations are translations which have official status before the authorities, and their aim is to mirror the content of the original text.

The text of a sworn translation may have any subject matter and is characterised solely by the specific format in which it is presented. A sworn translation can only be emitted in paper form, due to the fact that it must contain the original signature and seal of the sworn translator, who is qualified for that purpose by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, or other similar competent authority.

This type of translation is usually needed as a requirement from certain authorities (ministries, courts, academic institutions). The translations become sworn, and therefore official documents, when the sworn translator signs and seals them, and must always have the original document attached.

As mentioned on the MAEC web site, translations by Spanish sworn translators do not require legalisation to be effective in Spain. Nevertheless, the responsibility for being informed about all procedures needed so that their documents will be accepted by the competent authorities in the target language will always be the client's.


This is understood to be a part of the globalisation process which consists of adapting a product so that it is well received by consumers in a specific country.

At Dirdam Language Solutions we are experts in the field as we have the necessary international qualifications and optimum knowledge and resources to adapt products to different markets.




bigstock Businesswoman Addressing Meeti 59300492Interpreting modality that takes place simultaneosly to the speaker’s speech. Ideal for conferences with international presenters and audience, usually entails the use of booths, headsets and microphone for the interpreter (equipment provided by Dirdam Language Solutions).


Interpreting modality where the interpreter take notes during the speaker’s exposition and translates orally the speech when the speaker finishes talking. For events with 2 or 3 languages and a small number of participants (meetings, press conferences, etc.).


In this interpreting modality the interpreter accompanies a small number of participants who speak different languages and translates their comments building a communication bridge among them. For meetings between two or more people exchanging information (interviews, audits, etc.).


The interpreter is placed next to the person and whispers him o her the translation of the speaker’s speech. Suitable when one or two people in the audience do not understand the language of the rest of the group.



home 2In addition we offer desktop publishing services in the majority of languages, formats and platforms.

As a supplement to language services, we offer monolingual/multilingual editing and desktop publishing services in various formats (QuarkXpress, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, etc.) and on different platforms - PC or Mac. We can layout in the majority of possible combinations, including languages with unique fonts such as Arabic or Chinese.

Send us your files in their original format and we will undertake to return the final product to you, translated and formatted and endorsed by our rigorous quality control system.



Transcription is the representation of the oral language in a writing system, resulted from the need to materialize the language information present in the oral speech.

We have the necessary human and technical ressources for the production of your video and audio transcriptions for their subsequent processing. In addition to this we can provide you with video subtitling services.



We offer dubbing and voiceover services in own studios. Our professional native voiceover actors can reproduce messages in more than 20 languages.



Text Checking, Proofreading, Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Document Digitalization, Language Consultancy, Document Preparation, etc.

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