Sworn translations are translations which have official status before the authorities, and their aim is to mirror the content of the original text.

The text of a sworn translation can have any subject matter and is characterised solely by the specific format in which it is presented. A sworn translation can only be emitted in paper form, due to the fact that it must contain the original signature and seal of the sworn translator, who is qualified for that purpose by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, other similar competent authority.

This type of translation is usually needed by demand from certain authorities (ministries, courts, academic institutions). The translations become sworn, and therefore official documents, when the sworn translator signs and seals them, and must always have the original document attached.

As mentioned on the MAEC web site, translations by Spanish sworn translators do not require legalisation to be effective in Spain. Nevertheless, the responsibility for being informed about all procedures needed so that their documents will be accepted by the competent authorities in the target language will always be the client's.

At Dirdam Language Solutions we have Sworn Translators appointed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation for all the language combinations that it recognises. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information that you may require in relation to your sworn translation needs.

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